I charge based on the intricacy and elaborateness of the design and every quote is specific to the job. You may be surprised that a larger piece with a simple design can be relatively economical.  More complex designs will take more time and the pricing will reflect this. An intricate design involves:

  • Many twists and curves of the metal
  • Hand forged components where heat is required to bend the steel
  • Increased number of joints and attachments
  • Finish Options – From inexpensive spray paint to a more expensive but professional looking powder coating

We can discuss the design of your project to fit your budget.


The customer is responsible for any installation associated with the job.


Customers are responsible for pick-up. Delivery is available in the London area at 10% of the total order.  Products over $300 have a flat rate of $30.  For areas outside of London, please contact for a price.