There are a number of ways we can approach your project.  If you have a general idea – “I want a __________ but no specifics, I can sketch up some designs and you choose the one you like.  If you have a clear vision, we will stick to that.  I will provide my professional opinion as needed and can have as much or as little influence in the design process.


For the most part I work with mild steel as I often use blacksmithing techniques and a forge to heat and manipulate the steel.  Mild steel can come in many sizes and shapes. To name a few, there is

Flat Bar | Round bar  | Square bar | Rectangular tube | Square tube | Angle | Channel | Pipe | Sheet


When deciding on material, it is not just about the thickness or strength of steel required for the job; the shape of steel must also be considered. Square bar and tubing have hard lines and corners and appear more industrial.  Round bar and tubing can be more organic.  We can discuss all of the options and what will best suit your project.

All the metal I use is purchased from Bill Folwer Metal, a family owned and operated business.  You can visit their website at


The finish of a project is as important as the project itself and the options are numerous. Will it be displayed outdoors or indoors?  Is it rustic or contemporary? The choice of finish will depend on your desired effect and your project’s use.

Some options for finish are the following:

  • Natural unfinished (rusted)
  • Clear coat
  • Powder coat
  • Painted


 Once the design process is done, I will begin the fabrication of your project .  At your request, I can provide pictures of the work in progress to ensure it’s in line with your vision.  If you are not satisfied with the finish project, I will work with you to ensure complete satisfaction.