My name is Matt Adams and I am the sole proprietor of Adams Artistry.  In my youth, I was interested in all forms of visual arts: drawing, painting, but mostly sculpture.  My family lived on a hobby farm, so I had access to an old stick welder and an almost unlimited supply of materials, in the form of pieces and scraps of antique farm equipment.  In addition, there was a rundown blacksmith shop from the 1800s on the property.  It was then that my love for metal began.


After high school, I attended Fanshawe College for Fine Arts.  This was a meaningful experience where I was able to expand and build upon my artistic abilities.  With the prospects of obtaining work in my field of study fairly low, I changed my career path towards welding.  I attended a welding school in London, Ontario, and after graduating, was hired at a reputable company as a welder where I have been for a more than a decade.


I love my job and it is very rewarding, but working in a manufacturing setting can stifle one’s creativity, so I began working at home on projects that are functional, but also have an artist’s touch.  I believe art can be anything that does something to a person; it can bring about emotion, it can make you think, but it can also serve a purpose.  Needless to say, something that has a function can also be dynamic and interesting.